Raffles BBC Radio Dramatizations (incomplete until I can listen to the rest)


Raffles – EW Hornung

Series 1 (Six episodes)

Episode 1: The Ides of March - * * * * *

I went into this with no knowledge of Raffles other than he was a contemporary of Sherlock Holmes and at least one book has them meet. So I knew the bare minimum: Raffles is a thief but a gentleman.

And so he is, but Jeremy Clyde brought him to life wonderfully as someone you can’t help but smile at his quips and like, even though you know he’s a criminal. I had no idea he was also a cricketer. I’m wondering how that works as he’d be horribly recognizable. We also meet Bunny Manders, brought to life by Michael Cochrane, who knew him from school and ends up helping him on an “adventure” after his finances come close to ruining his good name. Again, the production was excellent and the two actors held my interest as they navigated their felonious job. I’m quite excited to hear what happens next.

Five days left as of 10/2/2014: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01p0twv


Episode 2: