Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong - Must Buy!

Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong - Jen Yates

This is another book that languished on my TBR list and I'm glad I decided to use my library's new catalog that covers all their holdings and not just their physical ones. Luckily for me, they had an eBook copy of this and I all but instantaneously snatched it up. The format on my iPhone wasn't the best, but that didn't stop me from nearly waking LL as I laughed out loud at times and shook with silent laughter at others.


My word, I'd have never believed there could be so many misspellings, misunderstandings, and just plain horrible cakes. And now, I'm never going to get a cake with brown icing - gag. Brown + swirls = something that you should not think of in connection with cakes.


Some of these are funny and some...really make you question either the person's who made them or the person's who ordered them sanity. I'm going to quit talking so you can see for yourself and if you want to see more, the blog is here. I'm off to see more cake wrecks.


Read blogger's thoughts here.



Quote that had me crying: "Check out how far the girl's feet are off the ground. Either that was the Spank Heard 'Round the World, or she's on a invisible step while Chuckles there digs for gold." For more info, click here. Did no one consider how inappropriate this is...?




Blogger's thoughts here. My thoughts: Aargh!



One of the few here from the book, blogger's thoughts here.


I could post these all night (and looking at how long I spent looking for these, that's becoming a very real possibility) so let me leave with some final thoughts and a few other post that either tie in with the book or the pictures were too horrific to post here. Three of the five pictures I posted here are in the book and really, I've had to look hard to find many others. The author also brings cakes that are spread out on her website together that concern similar issues. While I like seeing the new cakes, I find I like the organization of the book better.


And here are the links:

Third cake is a Star Wars themed divorce cake with Darth Vader and Leia as the couple!?

Her thoughts on Cupcake cakes: page 1 and 2

Disturbing cakes concerning having a baby and dead squirrels: Oh, Mama!, Dead Squirrels (I hope!), and Baby Butts.