Explanation for series of posts going up during Blackout Week


Why I Read

Over the past few days, I’ve watched with a mix of dread and sorrow as events took my love of book blogging and tried to crush them under a mess of fear and anger. I have been quite fortunate, and know it, that I’ve never really faced any author or fellow reviewer attacks. I can’t say how I will (and I believe it will happen at some point) respond but I do know I’m not someone who can even contemplate attack. I will stand up and worry for others and not myself and that’s not a good thing, I realize that. Still, that’s the way I am and what some of our fellow readers and reviewers have faced recently has sickened me.

The last time something to this extent happened that I followed to this degree was what sent me fleeing from GR…and while I hate it happened, I’m happier here at Booklikes then I ever was there and have met more people and read farther out of my comfort zone than ever. But I remember the slump I dealt with and how, for the first time ever, I looked at books with something other than affection. For the first time, my love of reading took a huge hit and I couldn’t seem to shake it.

Well, that’s not going to happen. I refuse to let people who act as we’ve seen win. I’m going to be participating in the Review Blackout though I’m doing it through the 29th so it will be a full week. While most of the books I’m reading are older books and mostly for my enjoyment, I want to join this group effort. It’s something we can do beyond commenting and I think it’s a wonderful idea. Like others though, I’ve been toying with doing other posts during this time and I know what I want to think about…what I need to remember and hold onto right now.

Why I read and why I share my thoughts on what I read.

So each day, I’m going to try and post a question, a thought, etc. and I’m hoping any of you who want to join in will comment, answer the question, and share what it means for you. I doubt I will do these thoughts and questions justice, but this is something I can do and something I need to.

Hope to hear your thoughts.