What is your favorite/least favorite thing about books?

Favorite thing about books


My favorite thing about books is their scope. I love that they’ve been there for me, have provided me comfort during bad times and joy during good ones but in the end, I love that a book can be about ANYTHING. A few carefully chosen words can put a CGI scene in a movie to shame. The cost is low but the effect is priceless. A picture may be worth a thousand words but it also freezes them, rendering them incapable of being seen any other way. The same words alone, can spawn thousands of pictures, each one vibrant, alive, and changing with ever reread.


So in the words of Reading Rainbow:

“I can be anything…I can go anywhere…take a look, it’s in a book.”




Least favorite thing about books


Paperbacks. ARGH! I hate them. I’ll admit, I don’t love my books to pieces. I work hard to keep them looking as perfect as I can. While after multiple readings I expect and can deal with some wear and tear, I loathe bent dustcovers, cracked spines, and dirt on my books. There are two things I cannot abide though.


Dog ears and paperback spines with creases.


I only have to worry about dog ears on pages from the library, though I do go through the books when I get them and carefully smooth every one of them out. But I almost NEVER by paperbacks because of the creases they get from average reading. Seriously, one moment when you’re not paying attention and boom, there’s a crease for life in a perfectly pristine spine. So I carefully read them, barely opening them the full way and tend to not just pick them up and pack them to go as often as other books.


And yes, I might just be a bit…particular about my books, now that you mention it.