Chasing Lincoln's Killer [Audiobook] - Great YA read

Chasing Lincoln's KIller - James L. Swanson

Yes! After being disappointed by the WWI audiobook I listened to, I decided to try and diminish my insane eBook wishlist. I took out a few clay pigeons with one bullet (thank you Murder by Death for that new phrase) as it is also the YA version of Manhunt, which has been sitting beside me for the better part of a year, begging to be read. If it's as well written as this book was, I've been putting it off for no reason.


The book gives a good overview of the events that took place at Ford's theater and beyond, even going into Booth and his group's plan before the assassination. There is a lot of information, though if you know even a decent amount about the American Civil War, almost all of it will be familiar. This is a good introduction and summation book.


But I was never bored; it held my interest all the way through even as I knew what was coming. Well written and easy to listen to, I thoroughly enjoyed the almost four hours I devoted to this.


The narrator, Will Patton, was an interesting choice, older then most narrators I've heard, particularly for a YA audiobook. It was a good choice, stylistically speaking, and he was one of the better ones I've heard. I thought his voice was familiar and turns out he's in Remember the Titans and The Mothman Prophecies. He's someone you've seen at least once.


I recommend this for anyone interested in the Lincoln assassination, particularly those who don't know much about the events and want an overview before further reading. With the audiobook being so good, I can only imagine the book (which I'm fairly certain has pictures) would be better.