Frankenstein - "Something is not right!"

Frankenstein - Rick Walton, Nathan Hale

Madeline was more my sister's thing then it was mine; I preferred Beatrix Potter and then the American Girl history books. So it surprised me the other day when I started reciting: "In an old house in Paris, that was covered in vines..." It's amazing the things your brain chooses to hang onto.


When I learned this existed about a year ago, I could immediately see the potential and thought how fun it would be to read this at Halloween.


Well I have and in the end I was disappointed.


On the surface, it was an exceptional parody. The rhythm and meter are there, as well as many of the basic elements. Even the pictures mirror each other. I liked how each of the young monsters was a different one, from the Bride of Frankenstein to a Mummy, from the Creature from the Black Lagoon (or a look alike) to a dragon and more. Miss Devel, dressed as a mad-scientist, was a nice choice as well.


I think the point I lost interest was when, through a medical issue, Frankenstein began to eat the nursing staff, pizza delivery boy, etc. I didn't find it funny then and I certainly wouldn't have as a child. It might have turned me off of Madeline by association. The bed wetting - for laughs - was also a miss for me.


While I can appreciate the work and love of the original in this (or at least a very gracious head nod to it), it was must definitely not for me. I'd also not read it to many young children as some of it could be upsetting and disturbing.