Bewitched, Bothered, and Biscotti (Magical Bakery # 2) - Enjoying the series

Bewitched, Bothered, and Biscotti - Bailey Cates

This worked out well, as I read this book on Halloween, just when the climax of the book takes place. A very happy coincidence.


Katie has settled into Savannah and her and her aunt's bakery is doing well. A breakfast picnic with Declan, one of the two men interested in her, turns into a date with destiny though as they find a dead body nearby. A new and acerbic detective and meeting Steve's (the third corner of the triangle) dad combine to put Katie in the sites of the killer or at the least a rather nasty protection spell. Turns out a big bad is going to brought forth on Samhain by the killer and it's going to take both the men (druids or Dragoh) and the women (the Bakery Book Club) to bring down this dark magic practitioner.


I'm going to be honest, I was on the fence for most of this book. I was a diehard Declan fan after the last book; Steve rubbed me the wrong way. He did little to change that here, though I do generally appreciate how he protects Katie, particularly after the attack at her house. I'm also glad

Declan finally knows Katie's secret. I thought Bates would drag the reveal out but I'm glad she didn't. He took it better then even I expected and I thought he'd handle it well.

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The mystery was interesting and once again, I didn't figure out who did it.

Nel was about the last person I'd expected to be the killer. And having the Dragoh and Book Club work together to take her down was amazing. Though I'm interested to see what happens with Katie finding out he's a candela, a lightwitch.

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Another good book that leaves me yearning for the next one and a piece of Coca-Cola cake. Next time I'm at Cracker Barrel, I'm definitely ordering one.