Kamisama Kiss Vol 16 - I need the next volume...like now!

Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 16 - Julietta Suzuki

Nanami once again thinks of others and takes no notice of the danger she's placing herself in.


Tomoe saves her from the yukai attacking her...and they have some of the funniest and amazing scenes of the whole series.


Nanami swears to be Tomoe's wife when they meet again! Pardon me while I got into fangirl raptures.

(show spoiler)

And we finally get to meet the fallen kami...and why do I feel they might not be as terribly bad as we've thought.


And you end here!? When does the next one come out?


Also, I just found out that Kamisama kiss is going to have another season! Not sure when it'll come out over here but I'm so very excited now!