Star Wars: In the Shadow of Yavin Vol 1 and 2

In the Shadow of Yavin, Volume 1 (Star Wars (Dark Horse)) - Brian Wood, Carlos D'Anda In the Shadow of Yavin, Volume 2 (Star Wars (Dark Horse)) - Brian Wood, Carlos D'Anda

I've read the classic comic series from Marvel that focused on this time between the fourth and fifth movie, as well as Alan Dean Foster's book Splinter in the Mind's Eye. I have to say, these I'm really enjoying and find the events taking place very plausible.


The Rebels are searching for a new base but the Empire always seems one step ahead of them. Meanwhile, Han and Chewie are on a secret mission from Mon Mothma taking them to the very heart of the Empire. While Leia tries to work while dealing with Alderaan's destruction, we also see the new fighters the Rebels face: TIE Interceptors.


The artwork is very modern and very Dark Horse; I'm a bit torn on whether I like it or not. The main characters are recognizable...but not always perfectly. The storyline though is very interesting and I can't wait to see where this leads...