Saga, Vol 1 - More of this, please?

Saga, Volume 1 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

My library decided to make my month and set up an adult graphic novel section.


While I've only begun looking at the new treasure trove, I noticed immediately they had Saga. I've been dying to read this series ever since several of you posted good reviews about it. I'm glad I did wait to read a library copy, as this could have gone either way.


Image comics have not normally my cup of tea but sometimes it pays to be adventurous. A story of star-crossed (or is it war-crossed here?) lovers with literally everyone in the universe after them and their newborn child, we learn so much about this universe through the little things, not info dumps. This galaxy is a messed up place and the people reflect that. Alana is a Coalition member and Marko is a Wreath; her people use sci-fi weapons and his use magic. Their child, a mixture of their two people, seems to be of interest to the same people trying to kill them.


This series has a bit of everything - sci-fi elements and fantasy - and a way of sucking you in. I will say, this is definitely an older teen/more adult series; there's some issues brought up that are more for mature audiences. It's also a bit more gory then I really like to read but...I'm definitely going to read the next one. It's got me hooked.


I will say, the print for the narrator - who is the newborn - can be really hard to read. It is printed in a writing font and like many of those, some letters are all but indecipherable. Still, I can see what all the fuss is about and...yes, it's another series I'm going to have to start collecting.


So, "Hello young lovers, whoever you are

I hope your troubles are few..."

"Be brave, young lovers and follow your star

Be brave and faithful and true."


They're going to need it.