Doctor Who: Dead Air [Audible] - One of the best set ups I've heard in awhile

Doctor Who: Dead Air - James Goss

What a well set up and scary story. Pure Doctor Who. This is also written to be an audiobook or a radio program, it simply wouldn't work any other way. David Tennant preforms it, does so very well, and it is full of audio special effects such as crackles and radio interference. A sentient weapon known as the Hush has arrived in 60's (I think) UK, off the coast on a pirate radio vessel. The Doctor is one his tail and tries to fight something that eats and controls sound - with a sonic screwdriver. The story is a recording found on a sunken vessel...and starts with a warning from Doctor not to listen to it. An old trick but one that is built upon very well and one that manages to send a thrill even knowing it was coming.