A Christmas Carol preformed by Patrick Stewart - A very good version

A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens, Patrick Stewart

When this says preformed, it means it. Patrick Stewart does an amazing - of course - job of bringing the various characters together, particularly Scrooge. Turns out this was made after the movie, which is also quite good. Though Richard E. Grant, no mater how good an actor I think he is, is way to tall to play Cratchit. It sadly would have been almost impossible for the man to have reached such a great height with the likely dietary issues he would have faced. One of things the Jim Carey animated version got very right.


Stewart doesn't just read the story, he laughs, cries, and more, bringing Dicken's already descriptive text to life. There are a few places where I think they used the later edition rather then the original text - and turns out it's abridged - but mostly it's the story I've heard and seems so many times before. But he makes it his own, something often hard to do as this story has been done by so many. I know this has long been a favorite of my dad's, and my own.