How to Make Your Baby an Internet Celebrity - Apparently not for me

How to Make Your Baby an Internet Celebrity: Guiding Your Child to Success and Fulfillment - Rick Chillot, Dustin Fenstermacher

I can't explain to you why I didn't like this book. I know I should but it was a struggle to even read a page at a time.


I can see how it's suppose to be humorous. The author makes this crazy idea sound so important and so serious that I should be giggling. Except I found the whole thing stupid, even though I understood exactly what he was trying to do. The constant repetition, the overblown charts and graphs, everything merely annoyed me more.


Okay, but it has cute baby pictures. Surely I can at least look at each one and exclaim: "awwww". Except I didn't really find many of these adorable. They were...babies; cute enough I suppose but nothing that I would obsessively follow on YouTube or anything. Only two really stood out to me as "adorable."


My complete inability to like this book actually had me worried and it was not until I gushed about a baby in a restaurant and laughed at something a couple days later that I begin to feel better. I even reread parts of the book, thinking I was in a bad mood or something. Instead, the book put me in a bad mood.


Even after writing this out, I still don't have a clue as to why this book so completely didn't work for me. I feel like a grinch saying it and I know it would probably work for others but this was completely not for me.



I received a copy of this book from the publisher; the opinions are my own.