What Einstein Told His Cook [Audiobook] - Quite enjoyable, though I took forever to finish it

What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained - Robert L. Wolke, Sean Runnette

This has been a fun read that has kept me company for the last few months. It was my go to book when I wanted to listen to something for a few minutes With each chapter divided into short question and answer segments, you can easily choose how much to listen to. There were days I'd finish a CD...and more often, days I'd get anything from 2-15 minutes completed.


But I learned a lot. Oh, I can't remember everything; I'm pretty sure this is a book you'd want a physical copy of to reference all the various questions and sections. There's just so much knowledge. But things I'd always wondered about for heard as "old wives tales" were answered and even scientifically tested.


A great audiobook, I hope to get a chance to listen to the other one: What Einstein Told His Barber.