Star Wars: In the Shadow of Yavin Vol 6 - Argh

In the Shadow of Yavin, Volume 6 (Star Wars (Dark Horse)) - Brian Wood, Carlos D'Anda

I found this one rather a disappointment. The story was well enough but in the end, utterly pointless. We left Leia and her group in space, with her ship basically destroyed. We come back to almost an enter comic of: them in space...with Leia's destroyed X-wing. They talk on and on and do various things...and none of it means squat to the larger plot. They could have summed up all they did in one panel with just enough text; heck, they could have done it while she was floating in the bacta rather then a have a pointless reminder that yes, she was badly injuried "that is what the bacta treatment is for" and they have special X-wings. I remembered that ably on my own.


We've left Han and Chewie in danger on Coruscant, Darth Vader is heading out to find Skywalker and reclaim is status, and the Rebel Fleet is still one leak away from utter obliteration. All of these are much for interesting and of great significance to the plot. And all they got were one panel segments on the last three pages as if to say...yeah they're still there...while we learned tedious minutia on how to fix Leia's X-wing!



Seriously. Waste of time and paper.

And now a long wait till the next one.