Fun book times!

The Art of the English Murder: From Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes to Agatha Christie and Alfred Hitchcock - Lucy Worsley One Piece: Skypeia 28-29-30 - Eiichiro Oda

I've been frantically working my way through Lucy Worsley's Art of the English Murder...but the library copy is due today now and I was close to losing enjoyment in it as I was trying to speed-read my way through it.


So LL and I had a talk and we agreed I could go ahead a buy a copy - I'd planned to anyway - so off to Barnes and Nobles I go. Did I come out with more then one book? Yes. (It was the next book in a manga series I collect. No big deal. Right?)


But one of the workers who helped me track down the Worsley book was telling me how much she enjoyed it. We started talking about Sherlock Holmes and turns out there's a Holmes group that meets once a month! I'd never heard of it before and I'm very excited. 9:00 on a Sat. morning (boo!) but I'm definitely going. I'm finishing up the Red-Headed League right now and looking forward to listening to some fellow Holmes fans.


I love book people!