Injustice: gods among us Vol 2

Injustice: Gods Among Us Vol. 2 - Tom Taylor

For my review of the first volume, please click here.


Picking up where the last left off, we continue to see the DC characters split as Superman tries to make the world "safer" after Lois Lane's death. I have to admit, I"m totally with Batman on this issue; I never thought I would be so...scared of Superman. But after he killed or maimed every character I liked in this series, I'm with Batman - he's not the Superman we knew.


Also, I finally broke down and read the synopsis for the game, as I'm never likely to play it. Great ideas, very comic bookish with complications, multiples of the same character, etc. Some of the surprises also made sense after learning about it. I thought this was an AU after the Incident in the first book but it was one from the start. Lex Luthor appears in this book and he's not a villain but Clark's best friend!?


The art work is amazing and the story continues to impress, though I left this book sad beyond words.

Bad enough Nightwing died in the first one but Martian Manhunter - who I loved from the Justice League cartoon my brother used to watch - and Green Arrow? Are you purposefully going after everyone I love? Then to top it all off, you have Superman basically break Batman's back?! Though Alfred taking the pill and head-butting the Kryptonian was EPIC!

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I'm glad they continued with the years till the game but my library doesn't have those yet. Hope they will someday!