Fractured Fables

Fractured Fables - Jim Valentino, Kristen Koerner Simon

Okay. I'm going to do this quick so I an write my other reviews.


I...liked it okay. My favorite ones were actually the nursery rhymes and song ones. Row Row Row Your Boat was good but On Top of Spaghetti and Hey Diddle Diddle far outranked it. The latter might be the best selection in the whole collection as the rhyme is told completely in pictures. It was so well done I was a bit disappointment to see a key explaining it. You really didn't need it.


As for the rest...they were very hit or miss. Some of the artwork I liked and others I didn't. Some versions of fairy-tales I liked and others didn't work for me. Usually, if I liked the one, I wouldn't like the other. some of the ones that I didn't like were the Cinderella one, Rumpelstiltskin, Pinocchio, and Jack and the Beanstalk.


For all that though, many did at least cause me to look at the well-known stories in a new way. Of the stories, I probably liked the Dancing Princesses one the best. In the end, I'm glad I read this but I doubt it's one I'll return to anytime soon.