Reading progress update: I've read 162 out of 206 pages.

Doctor Who: Engines of War - George Mann

The moment I watched The Day of the Doctor, I knew any book written about the War Doctor would be on my must read list. Though he's only there for a short time (compared to almost any other Doctor with the arguable exception of the Eighth), John Hurt's take on our beloved Time Lord won't let me go.


I might complain about my library from time to time but then they purchase something like this...and I'm like "You can do anything, I'll forgive you." Did I immediately check it out and start reading it?


Of course.


So far the author has gotten his characterization down basically perfectly. I've almost been able to hear him speaking the lines and his actions have been that almost...but not quite Doctor we know. Cinder, the major original character, has kept up with him very well and I love how she draws the real Doctor out of him. It's often through her we see the flashes of the Time Lord we care so much about.


This is a very dark story and though I've enjoyed actually setting foot on Gallifrey (no I've not watched those classic Who episodes yet), it not been the happy place I hoped. I'm reaching the end and if I can keep away from Mass Effect for a bit, I just might finish it by morning.