Hereville: How Mirka Met a Meteorite - Even better then first!

How Mirka Met a Meteorite - Barry  Deutsch

Please check out my review of the first book Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword.


I greatly enjoyed the first volume of Mirka's story, so I quickly put the next one on my hold list. This picks up right after the last one and proves that Mirka still has a lot to learn.


Grounded after her long absence when she dueled the troll - not that she could explain that to her parents - Mirka is finally freed from her barrage of beret knitting (reminds me of Hermione) only to stumble straight into another adventure. Thanks to the troll she can thankfully still order about, a meteorite comes hurtling straight to Hereville. Running across the village till she collapses, our hero manages to warn the witch in time for her to transform it.


Unfortuantely, she transforms it into a stronger, faster, better Mirka!


Mirka, the real one, is wonderful here. At first she thinks it's a great adventure and willingly allows "Metty" to share her life This goes how you'd expect and our main character has to learn some hard lessons about courage, what really makes you you, and that there are some things you can't share.

Namely your life - "I can't split my life with you. I need my entire life for me."

(show spoiler)


The casual magic/fantasy about the world continues to astound me. It's not even the return of the troll and Witch - there are some amazing moments in this one. I also liked the continued use of Hebrew phrases and the scenes of the Shabbos. Mirka's issues intruding on this important time is one of the main reasons things come to a head.


I think I enjoyed this volume even more than I did the first one. I'm not sure if the next book has come out (Please tell me there will be a next one!) but I can't wait to see more of Mirka's adventures.