Battle Bunny

Battle Bunny - Jon Scieszka, Mac Barnett, Matthew Myers

Thanks goes to Ronyell for introducing me to this wonderfully imaginative picture book.


The original book is called Birthday Bunny and, from a note on the front piece, is a gift to a boy called Alex from his Grandmother. It's a story about a bunny on his birthday as he visits his friends and they seemingly have forgot why the day is special. The illustrations are realistic in a cutesy way, reminding me of those saccharine picture books from my childhood.


But that story isn't the first you'll read and it's hard to piece together at all. The whole book has been marked over with new text written in and elements such as rockets, Air Force One, etc. drawn over the sweet illustrations. Birthday Bunny is now Battle Bunny and is a hilarious childish tale of an evil bunny bent on world domination. The friends of Birthday Bunny become enemies Battle Bunny must defeat.


The blending of the two stories is perfect with Scieszka's written over text very easy to read and Myers' scribbles enhancing the elaborate drawings rather then destroying them.


One of the most ingenious and hilarious children's books I've seen in a while, I highly recommend checking this out even if you don't have young child to use as an excuse. :)