Star Wars Dark Empire (Audiobook - Full Cast)

Star Wars Dark Empire (Audiocd) - Tom Veitch

While I own the graphic novel of this and really enjoy it, I was intrigued to learn something told so visually had been turned into a full cast audio drama. I simply had to try it after that.


Thanks to my local library signing onto Hoopla (I have such rapturous love for this digital library service - it not only has many great ebooks and audiobooks but Movies, TV shows, and music!), I've had a plethora of interesting things to choose from but this was one of the first.


Overall, I have to applaud both the writers and cast's efforts on this drama. The script balanced well dialogue from the graphic novel (which naturally leans heavily towards that anyway) and "descriptive additions" - added dialogue, etc. that set up and explained things shown in the original work. This was an excellent adaptation.


As for the cast, while not as good as NPR's radio dramas of the original trilogy, they were quite decent and conveyed the emotions and even reactions to environment, etc. well. All in all, a very well put together dramatization.


For Star Wars fans, if you haven't read this graphic novel and its sequels, do so. While it's true that Disney has voided this iteration of Extended Universe, seeing the return of Emperor Palpatine and Dark Luke should never be missed! It's one of the best Media-tie-in series I've read.


But I hesitate to recommend this over the graphic novel. For fans of the original source material, I do highly recommend it. In fact, it landed on my to buy list. But as an introduction, I can't say that it works. It comes close, I'll grant you but there were parts I could only follow because I'd already read it and knew what would happen.