Mourning Lincoln (Audiobook)

Mourning Lincoln - Martha Hodes, Donna Postel

I wanted to like this book as the idea and information interested me. While Lincoln's death brought on great public mourning, I'd never believed that everyone mourned his passing at once. It simply couldn't be, as many places still received news from newspapers or letters delivered vast distances, not to mention that many people - quite a few within his own government and party - hated him when he was alive.


All of this, as well as a focus on how people on both sides reacted through primary sources, made this the first audiobook I attempted on Hoopla. I even bypassed Star Wars audiobooks for this. 


Sadly, it didn't live up to my expectations. Don't get me wrong, this was clearly very well researched; however, information poorly presented does little good for anyone. And this was very poorly written. Not so much its sentence structure and word choice - though at times these seemed overly verbose - but in repetition. The author would state something and then in other section the author would convey the same information though often in a slightly different way. I could even see how many of these instances could have been helped by tying the two sections together but not simply reiterating the same information every time it comes up. And the second time was always after going into great detail about everything the first time. I felt the book greatly needed another editor and, though I can't prove it, believe this was a doctoral thesis before it was turned into a book. It would explain some of the issues.


The narrator further did the book no favors. I don't expect a giggling performance, considering the topic, but the monotone was extremely interest killing! I got over halfway through the book and just couldn't take it anymore. After hearing the same information for the third time as if it were new and apposite, it all became too much.


On to the next book!