Reading progress update: I've read 80 out of 257 pages.

Flunked (Fairy Tale Reform School) - Jen Calonita

I hadn't planned to start another book as I've stalled a bit on the game one. As the audiobook of this was languishing on my checked out list while I flew through the Bess Crawford books, I decided to focus on this first before checking out the next one.


Except that the narrator made me want to throw my device across the room!


I get what she was trying to do and she did get the main character's attitude down well. However, it put such a whiny teenager slant to her voice, almost dipping into something recalling Valley Girl to me oddly enough at times that I couldn't take it. Poor LL finally couldn't take it and had to comment. That was all the push I needed to turn it off.


But I'd held on because I liked the story and the idea. I even liked Gilly and I don't tend to like "good" thief main characters (Robin Hood being the only exception). So we're on take 2 and I'll see how I do with the ebook.


Is it me or am I getting bad vibes from the Stepmonster?