The Naming (The Books of Pellinor, # 1) - Or bored, Bored, BORED.

The Naming - Alison Croggon

As it has been some time since I last tried to read this book (my fifth such attempt), I don't remember enough to write a full review of it. Since I didn't even finish it - though getting farther than I have ever done - perhaps that is best.


See, this is one of those fantasies that sounds like a great idea but just doesn't work for me when brought to life. The characters are blah, the plot doesn't hold me, and the most interesting part of it - the whole bard thing - is given to you so piece-meal I soon cease to care.


And this is the first of several books.

Yeah, right.

If this worked for you, great. I can see where the idea would be fascinating. I just couldn't get through the execution of it.


Last Attempted Read: 2009