One Piece, Volume 38 : Rocketman!! (One Piece, #38)

One Piece, Volume 38 : Rocketman!!  - Eiichiro Oda + Continuing the flashback concerning Iceberg, Cutty Flam, and Koroko. How Franky survived being hit by the sea train and received the Pluton blueprints from Iceberg. Also we see that Iceberg does actually care about him.

+ Chopper saves Mr. Iceberg from the fire. Puppet guy pushes Merry Go out into the storm so she is wreaked. *sob*

+ We find out why Nico Robin has done this. She's a good guy!!!!!!!!!!! Love her!!!!!!!

+ ...I'm not going to like this chapter cover series, am I?

+ The train leaves, all hope is lost...SANJI!!!!!!!!! Insane man but if anyone can help Robin, he can.

+ ...of course it's the worse Aqua Laguna in memory. The Straw Hats are the Ramsey's of their world. Lets take a vaction...what do you know, it just so happens to be the worst weather since the storm of the century. Go figure.

+ Yeah, another sea train...what are the odds. *sarcasm anyone?* At least Luffy gets a cooler train...Rocketman!

+ Wow they actually have an army this time. Awesome. ...he named the Yagara King bulls after Sodom and Gomorah...really? OOOOOOKay.

+ Yeah, Zolo and Luffy won't let anything little like a monster wave get in their way. Just batter their way through it. That works.

+ Sniper King...I'm going to hate this too, aren't I?