The Twelve Days of Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas - David Delamare,  Anonymous Illustrated books of Christmas songs are a dime a dozen. Almost everyone I know has at least one and I couldn't tell you how many there are just concerning The Twelve Days of Christmas. This is a song that is slowly fading away because no one knows the history behind it. The parodies of the song are played more often then the song itself.

That's why I love this particular book so much and why it received such a high score. The illustrations are quite beautiful, very detailed and each group is drawn from a different place in the world as well as connected with what they are suppose to be doing during the song. But the artist goes a few steps further. He draws historical symbols and items connected with the season within the illustrations and provides a key at the back of the book explaining what they are and how they were or are connected to the season. This is more then just a fun and beautiful book tied to a beloved Christmas song; this is a teaching tool and a reminder of the many traditions across the world that are tied to this holiday.

Most people own a few books tied to the Christmas season. I would suggest adding this to your collection as a way to facilitate talking about different Christmas traditions both of the past and around the world.