Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Vol 4 (Manga) - The Conclusion

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Manga, Volume 4 - George Lucas, Shin-ichi Hiromoto,  Lawrence Kasdan

*3.9 Stars*

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**Warning: I'm going to assume that everyone reading this review has seen Return of the Jedi at least once. Therefore, I will not be employing any measures to hide spoilers.**

*The Gush*

See my review of Volume 1 for my complete positive comments on this series. This volume has some truly gorgeous artwork. I think my absolute favorite was the two full page spread of Vader's mask, cracked and worn before he decides to save his son from his Master's attacks. One can almost see the choice for redemption. The Star Destroyer colliding with the Death Star and the Death Star's destruction are amazingly detailed and so close you can almost feel it. The dialogue and the scenes again work together to almost give one the sense of hearing the soundtrack playing in the background as you read.


*The Rant*

For a full accounting of issues with the series, please see my review of the first volume. Some of the scenes in this volume are perhaps a bit overdrawn, with the characters almost distorted. Also, there is simply too much going on at a time, though that is not the volume's fault as the end of Return of the Jedi itself is chaotic and takes a couple of viewings before you really get what all is going on at the same time.



If you are a fan of Star Wars, read this and the other manga series. If you really love Manga in its many forms, read this.