Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Vol 2 (Manga) - WOW! That cover is...interesting

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Manga, Volume 2 - Shin-ichi Hiromoto, George Lucas

*3.7 Stars*

Review of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Vol 1

**Warning: I'm going to assume that everyone reading this review has seen Return of the Jedi at least once. Therefore, I will not be employing any measures to hide spoilers.**

*The Gush*

As stated in the review for the previous volume, this is a wonderful adaptation of the movie. Perhaps the best part of this particular volume is the differing levels of complexity from frame to frame. Some are exquisitely detailed, such as the one showing the incomplete Death Star, the close up of the Emperor's face, or an artistic full page frame of Boba Fett's helmet with the Sarlacc swallowing him overlaid on the top panel and one of his cheek plates. It is hauntingly well done. Other frames are little more than sketches; the bare outlines of people against a white background. This is best portrayed on Dagobah when Luke is speaking with Obi-Wan Kenobi. The focus is on the telling and the figures, not on the scenery or details of their clothes. All in all, very well executed. Curiously enough, Yoda is the one character that is never drawn anyway but the most detailed, complicated way. Part of that I'm sure is because he is a complex looking character, but even Vader is minimally drawn at times. Whether Yoda is treated like this because of his short time in the story or how the artist felt about him is unclear, but his frames are some of the best. 


*The Rant*

For my major complaints of the series, I direct you to my review of the first volume. My biggest issue with this particular volume is the cover. It is...very revealing of Leia's more...interesting outfit of the three movies as well as showing Jabba at his most disgusting. It's not the kind of book you want your child to take to school or carry around for people to see. For people who don't know Star Wars, it's a bit much. I just think that no matter how iconic the outfit or Jabba's death is, there had to be a better choice for the cover of a book that might grace a library shelf or a child's shelf. Though I do realize that for certain parts of the buyer demographic the cover was probably a plus rather than a minus.



If you are a Star Wars or manga fan, do check this volume and the rest of the series out. If neither one interests you, I'd give it a miss.