Star Wars: A New Hope Vol 4 (Manga) - The Conclusion

Star Wars: A New Hope, Vol. 4 (Manga) - Hisao Tamaki, David Land

*3.9 Stars*

**Warning: I'm assuming everyone who wants to read this and other reviews in the series has at least seen A New Hope once. Therefore, I will not be hiding any "spoilers".**

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*The Gush*

As I have reiterated in the last three volumes, this is an amazing series. What stands out in this particular volume is the space scenes whether the battle scenes or just ships flying around. The planets and stars frames are just beautiful...and then there is also a rather amazing frame of the Death Star exploding. The ending scenes during the medal ceremony are also well done.


*The Rant*

Again, I refer you to my first review for my reasons for not giving this series the full stars.



What can I say that I haven't already said? If you are a Star Wars fan or like manga, this is a must read. Just a great comic book series.

If however you like neither...might give this a miss.