Thunderbirds Shockwave (Thunderbirds Comic Album # 6) - This has the best story in the series!

Thunderbirds... Shock Wave - Alan Fennell

*5 Stars*


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*The Gush*

The last three stories in this series. The first might be an episode; I feel like it is but I have no memory one way or the other. The third story is definitely an adaptation of an episode of the show, a really good one.


The Uninvited:


A solid story where Thunderbird 1 is shot down and Scott is saved by treasure hunters roaming a desert looking for a lost pyramid. One good turn deserves another when Scott's saviors end up needing saving when they find the pyramid...isn't what they thought it was.




Brains is Dead:


The title says it all in my absolute favorite story in the entire comic series. Brains is shuttled by Scott to New York City to get new glasses but he is attacked and a trap is set. When the dust settles, Brains is dead and International Rescue buries him in space. However...all is not as it seems. (evil laugh)


City of Fire:


An adaptation of a great episode from the TV series, a skyscraper store that sells everything you could ever dream of catches fire after a reckless driver crashes their car and starts the blaze. A family of three is trapped in the subbasement and only International Rescue can reach them in time...but only if they use equipment that has already caused the operators to blackout once.


*The Rant*

Again, little here. The art is wonderful, the comics are well set up and the stories are interesting. Looking at the second story today I realize that the whole bringing back Brains from the dead and brainwashing him is a bit ludicrous but it is a lot of fun and I guess will be a guilty pleasure for me.



If you are just coming to International Rescue, I would suggest starting at the beginning of the series. However, this is one of my personal favorite volumes in this set, so I would highly suggest reading this one if you are only wanting to read one.