Black Butler, Vol 2 - I LOVE the Undertaker! ...but I don't think I'd ever want to catch his eye!

Black Butler - Yana Toboso, Tomo Kimura

Review of Vol 1

The first minor story is another happenings around the manor look. The best part about this story is Sebastian's monologue concerning the beauty of a cat and how pets in hell look more like the creature from the Alien movie. LOVE.

The next story is a long arc that is also covered in the anime. The story actually continues over into the next volume, though most of it takes place in this one. We meet some interesting new characters such as Madame Red (Ciel's maternal aunt), her butler Grelle Sutcliffe (who might, like Sebastian, be hiding something more), and my favorite character - The Undertaker. The best way I can explain him is he's extremely similar to Urahara from Bleach or Shigure from Fruits Basket: the funny but slightly creepy character who clearly knows far more then he's telling and who you're unsure if you can trust or not. Despite that, I LOVE THIS GUY! He is hilarious, and I can't decide if it's better in the anime with the voice they gave him or the manga which has more scenes.

The party Ciel goes to is...interesting as is his costume - don't want to give away any spoilers. One of the best parts is seeing Sebastian wearing glasses, he looks very good in them. The creator of this series puts a lot of effort into the clothing and accessories, which really adds to the story.

The big revel of the identity of 'Jack the Ripper' is very surprising and I can't wait to see how it turns out in the next volume (though I do know because of the anime).