Gunnerkrigg Court, Vol. 1: Orientation - Thomas Siddell Sadly, with a 10+ backlog of books to put up on Goodreads, I can't dedicate a full review to this book. I plan to flesh this out when I reread it.

*The Gush*

Ok, I had never heard of this webcomic before I picked this up from the library, and I was a bit apprehensive because I've never had good luck with webcomics, but I decided to give it a go. I read the entire first volume...and still didn't know how I felt. The juxtapositions between technology and magic, secrets and knowledge, and our two main friends really interested me but I spent an entire volume NOT KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON! I usually give a book up to half it's pages to show me what it's suppose to be doing but I have never read an entire book before and still been left completely out of the loop. Luckily for the author over the years I've learn my lesson with graphic novels and if there are two + books available at the library, I'll check out at least two as a rule. That turned out to be a good thing because it took HALF the next book before I sat back and said, Ok yeah I like where this is going and it is interesting. The drawing style was hard to get use to at first but not impossibly so. I love the main character, Antimony Carver, and how weird yet interesting she is. All the characters we've met so far are very interesting and memorable. Just be prepared to be completely lost for most of the book.

*The Rant*

My biggest issue, other then not knowing what was going on, was the drawing style. After awhile, I got use to it and yes, I think it does fit the text; it's just not at all what I was expecting.


This is a pretty interesting series and I'm very intrigued to see where the author is taking it. This is not for everyone, but if it catches your interest, I'd suggest giving it a shot.