Fatally Flaky (Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery, Book 15) - Diane Mott Davidson Review of Catering to Nobody: Book One

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*The Gush*

Wow. This was a ride and no mistake. I love Boyd showing up again and I LOVED Goldy's godfather Jack, I wish we'd met him sooner. This is a crazy book and a crazy mystery. Some of the things in this story, such as a dropped platter of fruit cocktail causing a policeman to wonder about a few things, were very well set up and you could practically see it happen in front of your eyes. I have to say this was close to the top of my favorites for this series.

*The Rant*

Okay, when Goldy dropped the stuff in the hot spring did anyone else just KNOW she'd end up face first in that by the end of the book. Cause I really did .


Another great book and definitely one of my top favs!