Dark Tort: A Novel of Suspense (Goldy Culinary Mysteries) - Diane Mott Davidson Review of Catering to Nobody: Book One

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Unfortunately, due to circumstances discussed in the above reviews, I will not be able to give this book a full review.

*The Gush*

I find this one particularly sad. The mystery is complicated enough but the facts making it up are pitiful (not as clues but in their existence), the deaths are sad, and the reasons are very sad. This one I figured about half of it out but it was not entirely clear to me. The saddest part was seeing Dusty's family not deal with her death. A decent continuation of the series, but I just overall found it sad and depressing.

*The Rant*

The front of this book is a bit more gruesome then others I've seen. Also, I really liked Dusty and hated to have her be one of the victims.


As a mystery, this is a good continuing of the series, but it has to be one of the saddest 'cozy' mystery I've ever read.