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Unfortunately, due to circumstances discussed in the above reviews, I will not be able to give this book a full review. A shame because this really deserves it.

*The Gush*

WOW. The book all readers long wanted finally comes...and the author makes sure you can't enjoy the Jerk's death because Goldy is the one implicated. I feel really bad for Tom throughout this book. Arch's reactions are hurtful but understandable, and Marla was particularly helpful during this book. I don't want to say too much as it would be too easy to spoil everything, but I thought this was one of my personal favorite of the series so far and I liked to reading it even if it was at times not entirely enjoyable. I really have only one last thing to say:

Like father, like son.

*The Rant*

Okay, is it too much to ask that we could enjoy the Jerk's death just a little bit? I know it's not...nice or right but the readers waited a long time for this and the writer makes sure we can't by making it one of most miserable experiences in Goldy's life! That is not fair! Also, this puts Tom in a really bad spot with his wife being the suspect in a murder investigation.


The book fans of the series have longed for. Read it!