Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 04 - Bisco Hatori Volume 4 picks up where we left Haruhi, Tamaki, and her dad - who has found the two of them in a less then ideal position, accidental of course. What follows is Tamaki making a less then great impression on Haruhi's father while the rest of the Host Club he comes to love and they learn a bit more about what has made their most interesting member the way she is. After that...things kinda go downhill.

First we have Hunny's cavity, also covered in the anime and one of my less favorite stories. Mori, however, is focused on in here, so I have to like it for that reason alone.

The next story is the Alice in Wonderland story. This was done to a degree in the anime, but they used it to show some inner ideas of the story and it actually had a really good point. Here...its simply weird, funny, and simply crazy. It's more druggy then the original. I do like who they chose to be the Black Queen (and the design for them is INCREDIBLE!).

The next story is the newspaper club story, again used in the anime. The club president has it in for Tamaki and easily the best part of the story is seeing the Host club work hard to protect their 'King'. It's an ok story but not anything great.

The rest of the volume is taken up with a long Love Egotist story (a separate manga series that pops up at the end of some OHC manga. This one is the most interesting I've seen so far, but personally, I rather see more Host Club.

The Ouran Suspense Theater at the end however is a MUST SEE!

Another solid series volume, but I'm hoping for another really great story to be on the way soon.