Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 3 - Bisco Hatori Volume 3 contains several smaller stories, some which are really great and others that are...so so. The Club going to the beach is a really great one, with the added pleasure of Nekozawa's presence (removed from the story in the anime). This contains some of my favorite scenes in the series, particularly the major scene between Haruhi and Kyoya (it amazes me every time and I've seen the anime more times then I care to count).

The Roberia Women's Institute story is somewhat entertaining, particularly the ending, but I've never been the Zuka club's biggest fan. I find them slightly annoying...they make Renge look good.

The Halloween story is...blah. I'm not a fan and the best part about it is how very short it is. Though Kyoya dressed up as a priest is awesome!

And...ah, yes. The beginnings of seeing Haruhi's house and meeting her dad story! This is very fun, mostly because Tamaki is his classic self. My favorite part is when Haruhi discovers the boys have come to visit in their Rolls and Benz and she leans at about a 70 degree angle against a lamppost. You can see her despair.

All in all, a good series volume but not one that particularly stands out. Make sure you have volume 4 with you because the cliffhanger in this one is hilariously bad. You will NEED the next volume right away!