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*The Gush*

Again, I can’t give this book the review it’s due because when you have six books of the series staring at you…you don’t really take time to work out what you want to say in a review. You simply pick up the next one and read. It has been years since I’ve devoured a series this fast and I’ve enjoyed every minute. When I reread this series (which I will soon), the ones I didn’t do justice to the first time around will get their due.

While I enjoyed this book, this isn’t my favorite. It’s not bad; just I feel other books stood out better. The theme of this book is skiing – not something I’m really into but the author managed to even grab my interest and by the end even I found it kind of neat. I will admit this book has one distinction; the Jerk manages to mess up their life simply by existing. That has to be a record even for him. The whole ex-boyfriend thing was…not that great because he wasn’t even really that much of a former boyfriend. I found it really tenuous that he was even labeled that. I’m looking for someone to come from New Jersey and rock her world. That would be much more interesting.

Goldy is really getting a reputation. And I’m with Tom on this; there is not really a good side to that. People know she’s coming and several in this book react to her as they would to the police themselves. Where once she could just casually talk to someone and get information, some characters here are ready to lawyer up when they see her. Funny, but it makes things much more difficult for her this time around. Also, I hate snow and cold and I felt as if I needed to read this with a coat wrapped around me, you could almost feel the cold, the wind, and the snow.

All in all, not a bad story but I’m really looking forward to some of the ones in the future.

*The Rant*

For the first time, I felt one of the books dragged a bit. I still read it straight through, but the middle of it was not as interesting as the beginning and the end. This was a good book, but not one of the best ones.


A decent continuation of the series, with our beloved characters growing and developing; however, I have to admit, not one of my personal favorites. I can’t wait for the next one.