Kamisama Kiss Vol 13 - A Frog?!

Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 13 - julietta Suzuki

WOW!!!!! The ending to the Himemiko wedding story arc was amazing. So many crazy things took place, characters both new and old grew a great deal, and our human kami is really coming into her own as she grows into her role.

I'm very upset, however. The beginnings of a clearly awesome new story arc start right after the swamp arc but there is only one chapter of it - just enough to wet the readers appetite and there's no new volume in sight for awhile! I'm going to go nuts, particularly since I think we are finally going to learn about Tomoe's past!

I need the next volume soon! Please help!



Reread 10/22/2014


Note - reread in order to remind myself what happens for Vol. 14. Still really like this one, and Tomoe's sightings of the scary woman still brings a chill.


On to Vol. 14! (Finally)