Killer Pancake (Goldy Culinary Mysteries) - Diane Mott Davidson *4.4 Stars*

Scorecard: (Out of 10)
* Quality of Writing - 9
* Pace - 10
* Plot development - 9
* Characters - 9
* Enjoyability - 8
* Insightfulness - 8
* Ease of Reading - 8
* Photos/Illustrations - NA
Final Score: 61/70 = 87%

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*The Gush*

I’ll admit, though I did enjoy this book while I read it, this did not end up being my favorite book of Davidson’s. It’s a good book but I don’t care a bit about high end cosmetics nor corporate backstabbing, etc. so that part of the book didn’t quite capture my attention as they generally do. Still, Davidson does a good job of making the story as a whole interesting and I certainly sped my way through the book as I yearned to know who had killed Julian’s girlfriend, who threw bleach water on Goldy, and how Marla’s health would be after her heart attack. Again, the characters made this book interesting and vibrant and the new characters introduced here can stand against any I’ve seen in previous books. Since their marriage, Tom is clearly worrying more about the risks his wife takes with her snooping. Perhaps because it’s become harder for her to hid what happens to her with them sharing a house. The worst part had to be when Goldy was poisoned by hemlock. It’s nice to know that coffee can help with that; I’ll have to file that away for future knowledge.

There were two points that really stuck with me. One was the Jerk throwing Marla’s troubles in Goldy’s face as her fault and how Tom handles that. I really hope we get to see Tom truly stand against the Jerk; that is such a lovely thought. The second point was the basic identity of the killer. The author basically had the least likely person be the killer. I’m not saying that things didn’t make sense once it was all wrapped up and explained, I simply felt it was rather noticeable this time that she chose the one person NO ONE would possibly expect. I also felt that their reason for killing was…flimsy. Yes, it kind of made sense but really, you killed for THAT? Makes more since to have them spontaneously erupt or something.

*The Rant*

As I said above, not my favorite book and I felt it wasn’t as polished as some of her others. The personal aspects of the book vastly over shown the mystery, in my opinion.


This is a good book in the series, though not a great one. A reader who’s come this far will certainly enjoy it on some level, however and it does set up some important issues for future books. This is one of those solid framework books in a series, necessary but one that is a bridge to ones you like more.