The Cereal Murders: A Culinary Mystery - Diane Mott Davidson *4.8 Stars*

Scorecard: (Out of 10)
* Quality of Writing - 9
* Pace - 10
* Plot development - 9
* Characters - 10
* Enjoyability - 10
* Insightfulness - 10
* Ease of Reading - 9
* Photos/Illustrations - NA
Final Score: 67/70 = 96%

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Review of Dying for Chocolate: Book Two

*The Gush*

Another great addition to the series and I’m pleased to see Julian seems to have become a permanent character, at least for now.

Goldy’s lawyer has finally made the Jerk pay for something, in this case for Arch to go to Elk Park Preparatory School, a local private school where Julian is a senior. Goldy has also become involved with the school as a caterer for various functions, including the first College Advisory Dinner at the Headmaster’s home. This turns into a debacle when as she’s leaving, our favorite detective/caterer finds the valedictorian with his head bashed in. Tom Schulz is on the case but with Godly being the one to find him and Julian as salutatorian, the Bear family is once again caught up in criminal events.

Murder piles up with a girl sharing the dead seniors intials and Suzanne Ferrell, the advisor for the seniors in their college placement. Goldy’s house is also ‘pranked’ several times and she is bitten by a black widow spider. Who is this person with murderous and have they set their sights on Goldy? The personal aspect of the story is likewise muddled by the solution to her legal problem Schulz had offered at the end of the last book: marriage. By the end of this book, Tom has her answer.

The mystery was again, very good. I didn’t figure it out ; the person actually caught me by surprise.

*The Rant*

Very little here; it is a bit disconcerting to see how nasty parents can get over grades but I’ve seen it happen (though not quite to this extent admittedly). I don’t like how long Goldy takes to answer Tom Schulz’s offer of marriage. I understand she’s still unsure but she drags it out for the whole book. Though the answer she gives does I guess make up for the rest. :)


Not only do the mysteries get better and better but so too do the stories as a whole. The relationship between Schulz and Goldy is easily the best part of the series, with the rest of the characters and the plot/mystery coming close behind. I can’t wait to see what comes next for our caterer and detective.