Library Wars: Love and War, Volume 8 - Two reviews for the price of one!

Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 8 - Kiiro Yumi

Originally read August 17, 2013.


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I'll confess, I kinda cheated on this a bit. The library only had the first six volumes and I was interested to see if there was an anime based on this. There is, but it hasn't yet come out over here. So, I watched the subbed version of the show - which was wonderful - so I knew some of what to expect from this book. That did not in anyway lessen how much I enjoyed reading this book.

First let me say I loved the bottom single cell illustrations that cropped up every once in awhile that had Iku as Cinderella with a mean right hook and Dojo as Prince Charming. They were hilarious and I loved each one of them.

For all that people put down Iku for being 'simple', she turns Tezuka's brother's plan on its head. He simply can't conceive of someone not looking out for themselves. Iku wishing to protect Tezuka from the knowledge of his brother's machinations means he can't use her against his brother. He gives in gracefully, I'll give him that but I dislike him completely. The best part was Dojo coming to her rescue and then finally comforting Iku after all the difficulties she's been facing with the inquiry and everything.

Ok, well he looked like he gave in gracefully until he dropped the 'bombshell' of the identity of her 'Prince'. Everyone knew it but her but like Komaki says, it was very petty of him.

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The second part of the volume was surprising. I really didn't see a stalker in the library coming, though Marie would unfortunately be the choice of recurring characters. I loved how everyone on the team rallied around and swore to bring this pervert down for Marie's sake as well as just doing their jobs. Komaki finally showed how scary he could be. (Why did they cut Marie out of the anime? I love her character!)

The first bonus chapter is wonderful. I loved how Komaki sums Iku up perfectly: "Sometimes she'll seem strong...and yet she's so fragile on the inside." That is Iku's character to a tee. I also love Tezuka coming to Shibazaki's aid. She needs that, deserves that though she'd deny that.

The second bonus chapter is sweet. Marie appears again and is told Iku's 'Prince' tale. She also may be the true first to really see the potential for Tezuka and Shibazaki's relationship. I love Marie so much! I just want to hug her!

Can't wait for the next volume!




I'd forgot I'd written a review for this, so I wrote another one. I'm posting the second one down here in a spoiler section so this won't be huge. It's kinda interesting to see what I focused on the first time versus this one. My style has definitely changed too.



This is one interesting volume! With Iku facing a disciplinary committee for supposedly helping a fellow co-worker censor reading materials patrons had access to the group has been attempting to help her get through not only the questioning but also the shunning she's facing in the dorms.




Now they have new concerns, as she accepted a dinner invitation from Tezuka's estranged brother! What she learns about him and his relationship with his brother bothers her a great deal and shows her she's been caught up in his manipulations. Once again, Dojo comes to save her...but she soon learns, thanks to Tezuka's brother (petty bastard), something completely game changing about him. He's her prince! Not that we didn't see that coming! Iku's reactions get even crazier...and much funnier!




The rest of the volume starts another story featuring Marie and Komaki. A molester is preying on girls at the libraries in the area and Marie was his latest target. The whole group is livid, with Komaki showing a new and chilling side. A sting operation is set up with Iku and Shibazaki as the bait. Will they catch him? Tune in next volume to find out!




The bonus mangas are good, with a focus on Tezuka and Shibazaki. Onto the next book!

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