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I am really sorry that I can't give this book the full write up it deserves at it might be my favorite book of the series yet but I've been reading these faster then I can write reviews for them and I now have six new books in this series to start. So I've put my foot down and refuse to pick up the next one (sob) until I've put the rest of my read books into Goodreads.

So this will be short. (Looks longingly at the pile.)

I loved this book. Finally we see a book that focuses on the Jerk, not just the past but the present. He's flittered around the edges, come and gone in only a few pages every so often, but now we get to see him in all his NOT glory. The best was seeing Tom try to protect Goldy and aid her through her emotional minefield. It was very touching.

And then there was the whole Arch mess. The author really worked hard to show his side as well as Goldy's (which of course comes through very clearly in the first person perspective of the book). But we get to see and understand Arch's predicament. He loves his father, he can't help that and Goldy wouldn't want to change that. At the same time, telling his mother she has to prove his father's 'innocence' when we're not sure the Jerk is was nearly impossible emotionally for Goldy, but she still tries. The worse part was when he accused her of doing nothing when she's dedicated so much time and hurt so much to do just that. And what he pulls at the was hard. But at the same time, you can't completely blame him, he might lose his father who he loves. His already torn family is about to implode.

The mystery was quite good, though I did suspect before the end who it was.

Now, on to the next book!