Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 8 - Julietta Suzuki Nanami and Kirihito work their way through the underworld and tangle with the kami in control down there. Nanami uses her power to trick her way into staying so she can rescue Kirihito (who she promised...though I really wish she didn't feel obligated cuz I think we'll all regret it later). Tomoe risks everything to be able to rescue her, returning to his full youkai form for the power but this causes him to be imprisoned by the upper Kami and he is not sure he wishes to return to being Nanami's shinshi. However, he discovers some things about himself and about this crazy human kami and things return to some form of normalcy.

However, a visit from a surprising source gives Nanami an idea of a larger plot going on...seems there is more to this story then first meets the eye!