Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 06 - Julietta Suzuki The crazy wind kami from the last volume (which I totally forgot to mention even though it was one of my favorite parts of the volume) returns, with news that Nanami might be invited to Izumo, the mythical gathering of all Japan's kami in one shrine during the month of October. However, since she is a human kami, she is up against some competition for the one spot. Another human girl, called the Living Kami, arrives at Nanami's school and things once again go crazy. Our favorite human kami's powers grow once again and we discover what drives her to use her powers: to protect people. She is given a Shinigami, or little helper, to aid in focusing her power, which she uses to cleanse the school, Tomoe, and ultimately save her competition.

So she's going to Izumo, but she's not happy with those she's about to meet.