Bunny Drop, Vol. 1 - I almost didn't pick this up from the library because this was so far and away from anything I ever read. But something made me give it a try and I'm very glad I did.

The story is simple but brilliant in its execution. Daikichi is a thirty year old single business man who returns home for his grandfather's funeral only to find his family squabbling over what to do with the old man's six year old daughter. They do not know who the mother is and Rin isn't speaking to anyone while they argue in front over her about how burdensome she is. Finally he can stand it no longer and yells that she will grow up to be a better adult then most in the room and says he'll take her.

At first, he is really awkward, as he has no clue what to do with this small being. He makes mistakes, he doesn't do anything by the 'book', but he gives Rin a home and comes to care for her. You can already see the first seeds of love being planted. He changes his job so that he'll have better hours to take care of Rin, he asks female coworkers for help navigating childhood minefield, and sees his family warm up to Rin. He also begins to uncover the mystery of Rin's mother.

This is a sweet, charming book that will surprise you with how amazing such a simple idea can be.

The art style might be problematic for some. I know I had some issues with it at first as it was so different from any manga style I'd seen before. However the art reflects the story itself, realistic and simple.

If you have the chance to read this, give it a try.