Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 04 - Julietta Suzuki My Review on Volume One

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*Manga Series This Reminds Me Of*
+ Inuyasha (Japanese Myths, Japanese Society and Religion, youki-complete with ears in humanesque form)
+ Fruits Basket (Main female character, some school stuff, basic Shojo aspects)

After a short opening story where Nanami gets completely turned down by Tomoe when she reveals her feelings for him, we are off to the beach. Oh look, the snake is here. Please tell me he leaves quickly. Tomoe tells her he can't set foot in the ocean, but he comes anyway. When one of her friends gets dragged under, Nanami unthinkingly asks the shinshi to save her and he does only to bring the attention of someone he's long tired to hide from. Ryu-oh-sama is here to call in a debt long overdue, revenge for stealing his right eye.

Nanami bargains for Tomoe's life and journey's back in time again to find what was stolen. When she discovers Tomoe's reasons, however, she can't bring herself to change the past.

But don't worry, Nanami and Tomoe will find a way out.

I think I might have some idea of why the eye was in Nanami's body (the Inuyasha parallels are getting stronger). However, I'm not at ALL happy about Mizuki being her second Shinshi! Grrrr!

This volume balances great stuff with pure annoyance. While I have questions I hope future volumes answer, I'm not sure how I like where all this is going.