Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 03 - Julietta Suzuki My Review of Volume One

My Review of Volume Two

*Manga Series This Reminds Me Of*
+ Inuyasha (Japanese Myths, Japanese Society and Religion, youki-complete with ears in humanesque form)
+ Fruits Basket (Main female character, some school stuff, basic Shojo aspects)

I'm torn on this volume. Seeing the catfish princess help make Nanami pretty in order to have Tomoe, who she's coming to love, notice her was sweet. I hope we see more of the princess. The white snake story I didn't much care for, though thinking of the fate of a kami when their shrine and surrounding village are subsumed into a lake was interesting and sad. I don't like Mizuki at all and I hope we will see little of him.

...No, he comes back (though seeing Tomoe take Nanami's place and her appearance was hilarous) and tries to turn Nanami against Tomoe. I hate this snake. Though seeing Tomoe's past was definitely interesting and I'd like to learn more.

One disliked story is not enough to shoo me away. The rest of the volume was interesting and I'm excited to see what more the author has for us.