Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 01 - Julietta Suzuki, Tomo Kimura *Manga Series This Reminds Me Of*
+ Inuyasha (Japanese Myths, Japanese Society and Religion, youki-complete with ears in humanesque form)
+ Fruits Basket (Main female character, some school stuff, basic Shojo aspects)


I really didn't expect to like this book; I'm not a fan of much Shojo manga and the cover did nto fill me with much confidence. Instead, I found a story that was engaging, hilarious, and...yes, I want to see what comes in the series.

Nanami Momozono doesn't have a great life, her father has bill collectors after him while he gambles away what little money he has, she is teased at school, and now her father has run away and she is evicted from her home. Having nowhere to go, when a strange man gives her a place to stay and kisses her forehead, she's takes it. I like Nanami, she's rather like a more outspoken, more real Tohru (Fruits Basket manga) in someways.

She discovers, however, that the kiss Mikage gave her made her the Tochigami(deity) of Mikage's shrine complete with a youki(demon) guardian. Tomoe, a fox demon, takes a dislike of Nanami and it takes most of the book for them to work together, because of a kiss Nanami bestows on him. This binds him to be her guardian. I predict a rough relationship ahead. Mikage's kiss gave her kami(deity) powers and these in a human act as a siren call to all supernatural beings, most who wish her harm. Tomoe has his work cut out for him.

The volumes ends with our meeting the ruler in charge of a local swamp under the shrine's protection, Himemiko - an incarnation of a catfish - who has a request of the new Tochigami. She has fallen in love with a young human and wishes the kami's blessing and aid. The beginning of that realization is quite cute.

An intriguing series, I want to see where it goes. Do make use of the glossary in the back though.